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One of our critical roles is that of directing and engaging our strategy, in accordance with our business (value) generating model, to fulfil our organizational purpose such that we can assure sustained performance over the longer term. Given global climatic and other uncertainties what revisions and improvements to our strategic review process should we consider?

Objective Statements

  • We have identified all climate, environmental, social, and human factors (and other ESG factors and assumptions as appropriate) we should reasonably consider when scoping and setting our desired strategic outcomes
  • We have high confidence in the efficacy of existing polices; in particular, those regarding organizational and operational resiliency, emerging risks, risk governance, data (non-financial i.e., ESG-Sustainability) fidelity and associated oversight postures
  • Our strategic planning is informed, and is challenged, using fit for purpose scenario analysis leveraging external expertise with access to internationally proven and accepted data sets
  • Our strategic leadership is sufficiently diverse across all dimensions (of diversity) to help up effectively evaluate strategic options and adjust when data driven evidence suggests that new decisions are required to adjust course/direction

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